Lord Combustion Services feature in video on carbon footprint reduction project

Commercial heating and ventilation specialist Lord Combustion Services has featured in a new video from ELCO Heating Solutions promoting energy-efficient heating systems. 

Oldbury-based Lord Combustion Services partnered with the heating equipment manufacturer to deliver a project that helped an academy secondary school in the West Midlands to reduce its carbon footprint by enhancing its heating and hot water systems. 

Lord was enlisted to undertake the design and installation of an energy efficient system, in order to assist the academy trust to work towards their decarbonisation targets

New building management system control systems were also designed and installed to enable the school to optimise their energy usage and set system levels for dates months in advance. 

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Speaking in the video, Lord managing director Stuart Smith said: “We were approached by our client to assist them in achieving their decarbonisation goals on a project at an academy within the West Midlands.

“The aim of the project was to assist the academy in reducing their carbon footprint as low as feasibly possible.” 

Five Aerotop L65 air source heat pump units were installed to supplement the school’s existing heating system along with gas boilers to ensure a reliable and energy-efficient source of heating and hot water. 

Silviu Catana, ELCO Specification Manager, also appears in the video. He says: “These five units have been installed on an existing heating system together with existing gas boilers. 

“They have been implemented as a hybrid system to deliver for the weather-compensated circuits within the academy.

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“The Aerotop L range has a reduced footprint, which made them perfect for this project. Using the modularity of the system we managed to install a large capacity in a very small area.”

As a company specialising in the installation and maintenance of commercial heating, ventilation and hot water systems, Lord Combustion Services is committed to helping its clients reduce their environmental impact. 

In 2021, the company was recognised for its achievements in reducing clients’ environmental impact when it won the sustainability trophy at the West Midlands Business Masters Awards, organised by regional news website Business Desk. 

In April 2022, during a visit from West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, Lord signed the West Midlands Net Zero Pledge, which is undertaken by businesses wanting to be part of the region’s drive to “become a net zero carbon economy by 2041”.

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Having opened for business in 1982, Lord now has a team of nearly 50 staff, delivering services for more than 1,000 sites across the Midlands, including 300 schools and hundreds of health sites.

Lord won the Outstanding Support for the Armed Forces prize at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in November for providing job opportunities for service personnel.  

ELCO Heating Solutions, which is part of the Ariston Group, manufacture commercial heat pumps, gas boilers, combined heat and power systems, burners and hot water generation and storage systems. 

Click on the following link to view ELCO’s video case study: ELCO Heating Solutions Case Study – AEROTOP® heat pump installation – YouTube

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