How to plan for business energy blackouts and Rising Fuel Costs

With businesses facing tough decisions on energy usage amid the threat of blackouts, Lord Combustion Services advise leaders on practical steps.

Whether your business is large or small there is one cost that is hitting every enterprise: the rocketing rise in energy prices.

Across the board, the most pressing concern for all companies is the impact of soaring utility bills on their costs outgoings.

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At Lord we do not directly advise companies on managing their bills or navigating the options around energy tariffs. 

As leading commercial heating and ventilation specialists who have served the Black Country and West Midlands since 1982, we can assist clients in every sector on “engineering down” their energy usage.

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With the threat of blackouts looming, our team can  look back on the sudden shutdowns experienced by industry in the Black Country in the late 1980s and early 1990s to draw upon personal experience to help.

It is not beyond the bounds of imagination that energy could be rationed, with businesses expected to use it as efficiently as possible.

This would cause problems for manufacturing sites, commercial properties, hospitals, care homes and schools, as well as offices and workplaces.

Having seen the impact on industry when there were sudden shutdowns imposed in the form of  “load shedding” by energy suppliers, this disruption is in our working memory but it may be tough for those new to it.

Ensure your business has effective controls for its heating and hot water systems throughout your premises.

If you can “zone” your premises you can ensure you control outputs in the areas where you need to match the usage and occupancy of your building.

Our top tips on saving costs on commercial heating and hot water

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Our team of qualified engineers are able to provide a complete maintenance package from the reassurance of a 24 hour call out facility from our commercial gas engineers to a full turnkey design and installation package by our professionally qualified project engineers.

With more than 40 years’ experience, specialising in Mechanical Building Services (HVAC) Lord Combustion Services provide the security and reassurance of high standards of safety, quality and customer service for every customer, every time.

Since the new heating system has been installed, we are now able to zone the building which will result in energy saving costs. In working with Lord Combustion Services, we benefitted from a high-quality service throughout.

We are now able to provide hot water more effectively and efficiently, helping with our sustainability drive as well as providing the high-quality match day experience which spectators expect at Edgbaston.

Taking the first steps with practical measures or investing in a more efficient system can bring significant payback for businesses of all sizes. We are here to help you save money long-term.