How Lord help clients use renewable and sustainable heating systems

Award-winning Lord Combustion Services help clients utilise renewable technologies, including heat pumps, which offer reduced carbon emissions over traditional systems.

From Left, Contracts Engineer Matthew Smith, Md Stuart Smith And Director Emma Tibbetts With Their Awards

Lord has been recognised for its work on sustainability and environmental impact having delivered significant retrofitting heating and hot water projects for the likes of the landmark Edgbaston cricket stadium in Birmingham.

Lord was recognised for its achievements in reducing clients’ environmental impact by winning the sustainability trophy at the West Midlands Business Masters Awards, one of three recent wins.

The company made the Net Zero Business Pledge to reduce their environmental impact during a visit by West Midlands Mayor Andy Street to mark their 40th year in business.

We have a track record in supporting clients when they are considering all options for reducing their energy consumption, particularly during the current price crisis.

Carrying out an holistic review to monitor energy usage, especially on fossil fuels, can ensure you understand your requirements and can control your allocations before any shutdown disruption.

School Main Plant Room Following Completion Of Lord Combustion Services Work
Lord Combustion Services Edgbaston Plantroom After Work

Companies come to us when they want to investigate their options and the possible impact of utilising renewable technologies, including heat pumps, which offer reduced carbon emissions than traditional systems.

Others look at hybrid heating and hot water options, which combine two or more technologies generating heat together as a low carbon alternative. Hybrids typically consist of a gas or oil boiler and an air to water heat pump.

With both of these options, upfront investment is needed but many believe this is worthwhile to reduce the reliance on energy consumption at traditional levels.

More immediate improvements can come from implementing new controls, which allow site managers to prioritise and manage usage.

A turnkey plant room refurbishment project can not only ensure you have a reliable system proportionate to the scale of your business needs, but it can also regulate its own consumption to match the buildings requirements by use of modulating burners and variable speed drives.

Not all savings require a large capital investment. Consulting in a heating specialist can also enable you to review the level of demand in your current business operations.

It may be as simple as using your premises in a different way.

A heating partner can look at equipment along with the way your building is occupied and the times for peaks in demand.

As the prices rise, we are all sharing the sense of panic. Taking the first steps with practical measures or investing in a more efficient system can bring significant payback for businesses of all size.

Getting expertise will support you not just in the uncertain months ahead but for years to come.

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Certification Badges Cmyk (white) Assets (mar 21)

Our extensive ISO credentials give you peace of mind on quality, safety and process when you work with us.

Lord has secured ISO 45001, the International Organization for Standardization’s international standard for occupational health and safety, completing a “hat trick” of certificates.

Lord Combustion Services already held quality management system standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the accreditation for environmental management systems.

Since the new heating system has been installed, we are now able to zone the building which will result in energy saving costs. In working with Lord Combustion Services, we benefitted from a high-quality service throughout.

We are now able to provide hot water more effectively and efficiently, helping with our sustainability drive as well as providing the high-quality match day experience which spectators expect at Edgbaston.

As leading commercial heating and ventilation specialists who have served the West Midlands since 1982, we can assist clients make the right decisions on their systems to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

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