How Lord deliver heating and hot water services for healthcare sector properties

Lord Combustion Services understand the requirements of healthcare sector managers, who need access to hot water and heating for patients and the vulnerable. We provide energy efficient solutions to ensure properties benefit from system improvements or invest in sustainable long term installations.

How we work

Operating since 1982, Lord Combustion Services colleagues are able to draw upon wide experience of providing heating and hot water solutions for a range of premises and sites, including NHS and health sector properties.

From an initial review of client requirements and any existing installation, Lord provide options to meet customer needs year-round.

The solutions can include opportunities to “zone” areas of the site, managing energy usage according to building occupation and need.

We also implement comprehensive designs which include the latest energy efficient systems, along with accompanying timelines and projected savings.

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Key projects

The Lord team carried out a medical centre plant room refurbishment for a healthcare provider in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Our colleagues refurbished the commercial plant room within the centre, during which the existing heating and hot water equipment was removed and new heating boilers installed complete with new flues, pressurisation, circulation pumps and pipework.

New domestic hot water generators were installed and new controls with remote monitoring designed and commissioned. We also implemented the full rewire of electrical wiring and containment within the plant room.

Upon completion of the works the system was commissioned and the pipework insulated complete with aluminium cladding. Read more and see photos here.

Lord expertise

Managing Director Stuart Smith said: “As leading commercial heating, hot water and ventilation specialists who have served the Black Country and West Midlands for 40 years, we can assist health sector clients on ‘engineering down’ their energy usage.

“We are working with clients who are considering their options for reducing their energy consumption. They want to look at the potential impact of utilising renewables, including heat pumps, which reduce fossil fuel consumption and offer lower running costs than traditional systems.

“We are also designing and installing hybrid heating and hot water systems for healthcare properties, utilising a combination of both traditional and renewable technologies as a low carbon alternative.”

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Stuart continues: “Hybrid systems may typically consist of a condensing gas boiler and an air to water heat pump. Upfront investment is needed but many believe this is worthwhile to reduce the reliance on energy consumption at traditional levels. More immediate improvements can come from implementing new controls, which allow site managers to prioritise usage.

“A turnkey boiler project can not only ensure you have a heat source proportionate to the scale of your business needs, additional energy saving measures can include fitting variable speed drives to pumps and air handling units. Not all savings require large investment as a heating specialist can review the level of demand in your current business operations in line with occupancy and control and advise on practical measures to save energy.

“It may be as simple as using your premises in a different way. With zoning projects a heating partner can look at equipment but also the way your building is occupied and the times for peaks in demand.”

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